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Your Choice For Authentic Victorian  Door  Hardware

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Listed are the top dozen major companies that produced this fabulous antique hardware, which includes door knobs, door bells, hinges, escutcheons, door plates, hooks, brackets, and pulls… and many other items.

Trenton Trenton Lock and Hardware Co.Trenton,.
Branford Branford Lock Works Branford, Ct.
P. E. Pierree Guerin N.Y. City
Chicago Chicago Hardware Manufacturing Co.
MCCCo Metallic Compression Casting Co Boston,MA
R&E Russell & Erwin Mfg. Co New Britain, CT
H&D Hopkins & Dickinson Darlington, NJ
Y&T Yale & Town Mfg. Co Stamford, CT
M&W Mallory, Wheeler& Co New Haven, CT
Corbin P&F Corbin New Britain, CT
Newman A.G. Newman New York City
Nashua Nausha Lock Company Nausha, NH
Norwalk Norwalk Lock Company. Norwalk, CT
RHCo Reading Hardware Company Reading, PA
Sargent Sargent &Company New Haven, CT
Robinson Enoch Robinson Company Boston, MA

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A little history about the antique hardware of our past.

Using the original antique hardware from our Victorian era will help give charm and elegance to your home adding timeless beauty.

Offered is a select variety of hardware making it a perfect choice for decorators, house renovators or just adding to a collection.

Why use costly reproductions that generally contain poor casting details when you can get originals for about the same amount.

The original hardware from our Victorian era produced some of the highest quality trimmings ever made and were designed to last.

Hardware from the 1880's had intricate details with unsurpassed quality, most has developed warm shades of naturally aged patina.

Higher quality hardware was cast in bronze dating from 1860 -1910. Many designs still available, however have become harder to find.

We currently have a variety of complete door sets in both entry and passage size along with some amazing pocket door hardware sets.

These sets are in excellent condition with many patterns still available, most are highly decorative and should last another 100 years.

When buying our original Victorian era hardware made here in the U.S. you will be purchasing some of the finest hardware produced.

Hardware companies were highly competitive to out -do their competitors. Most was intricately carved by an artist and compressed.

The construction of the piece was precisely made by a craftsman who's pride in making the finest product was more important than cost.

As a result the original hardware was made to last having superb details, many pieces could be compared to finely detailed jewelry.

Don't be fooled…

Be cautious when buying antique hardware, especially on e-bay, many sites advertise selling it only to find out it’s a new item from China.

More than ever beware of false advertising where companies list as "antique hardware" in reality it's only a newly made antique "style"

There are many ways of being able to tell the difference between old verse new. Newer items usually lack the old appearance from age.

Many older pieces have the company's manufacturing name or logo on the backs, most have patent numbers, a few are dated. Some not.

Other times the owner may not know the difference, they may have bought it as being old. Can try having some close-up pictures sent.

Many reproduction items lack details or have rough casting marks or are small areas with no detail, shiny or a fake patina, check

Make sure the seller allows returns if not as described, also check out the other items being sold, that should normally give you a heads up.

Most reproduction hardware doesn't come close to the intricate details of the original, most are crude, shiny copies of the authentic pieces.

The original hardware will bring you years of beauty and a reminder of our past when craftsmanship and quality surpassed quantity.

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