Rare Political Center Door Knob

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This rare figural knob is huge! The lower base is made onto the knob. The knob is 3-1/2" in dia. the base is: 4" in diameter and 4" high, It mounts with a center threaded bolt from the inside of the door. It comes with a bolt but it's too short to go through a door. Could easily buy a longer one @ Home Depot. This was used as a door pull,not made to turn.Was apparently on a very large door. Heavy knob, feels like about 3lbs. I thought it was all silver as it looked so nice,but found a pea size area where the silver had worn through. It's silver plated over bronze. It must have been triple coated with silver,it looks like something from a jewelry store. It's in perfect condition. Retains 99.9% of the silver. The front has what looks like a bundle of sticks tied at both ends. There is a small Lion above what looks like a ax. No doubt this was on a high ranking persons door somewhere. The detail is exceptional.
Price: $275.00

Item # 006