Antique Entry Doorknob Set  
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Exceptional matching entry set made by Norwalk Lock Co. from the 1890's I have had this set for about 10 years and decided to pull from my collection so someone can put it back to use. The pattern must be fairly uncommon as this is the only one I have seen. This is a sharp looking set that all of the pictures should help describe. Perfect size heavy duty set for an entry door, It's weight is about 8 lbs. Will adjust to fit up to a 2" plus thick door. With exception of iron mortise lock body, all parts are cast in bronze. This is an original multi locking set. All functions of the locking mechanism work as designed. There are not many older sets made that by todays standard can actually be used to lock and keep you safe. This one will. Both knobs and door plates are a hard-to find pattern, the knobs are both entry size, even has the original working top lock key. Other than a few old marks on the face of one knob and face of the locks this set is in extra fine condition with original finish. Operation: The set would be installed on the left side of the door when facing the front side, with door swinging inside. When turning the key to the round cylinder lock it throws a bolt to lock or unlock the door from the outside, this is the main security lock. Can also be unlocked by turning the night latch on the inside. When the doorknob on the inside is pushed in and slightly turned it locks the knob in place on the front side of the door. At this point the lock would be double locked. To unlock the outside doorknob you would need to push in and turn the inside knob in the opposite direction as when locked. I may have made the locking procedure sound complicated but it's actually not. Anyway it all works smoothly as designed

Measurements: Lock body is 5-5/8" high x 4" deep x 1" Lock face is 8" x 1-5/8" Back set: distance from center of knob to edge of face plate, 4" Center of top lock to center of bottom lock is 3-1/2" {2} entry knobs are 2-1/2" {2] back plates are 13" x 4" at largest area.

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Price: $600 -

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