Antique Jumbo Sized Back plates
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Three mansion size bronze entry door plates.
Large oversize entry plates are much harder to find than standard
These door plates would be great to use for dressing up a large entry door
Better yet, would be perfect to use for that door you wanted to restore but it had too many rough areas or holes you weren’t able to hide..

These plates are large enough to cover over almost all extra holes & old marks. Then when finished it will be clean looking instead of looking patched.

All three back plates were made by Hopkins & Dickenson, Known for their quality hardware. They date to around c.1890 and are in excellent condition for age.

Ea. plate is a bit over 2lbs. Backs are marked 21- 1/2" x 3-1/2" Also marked special, probably due to size.

Price for all three: $250-

Item # 143