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Why collect antique hardware?

I have found that collecting hardware that came off a door 100+ years ago to be a fantastic hobby. The quality of the late 19th century antique bronze hardware made in the amazing. I believe that if more people out there actually saw some of the intricate items that were made, there would be much more interest in either collecting as a hobby or put back to use to decorate your home. It seems like there is always something different that surfaces. Many pieces are finely detailed like jewellery and look great displayed.

I have been seriously collecting antique hardware for more than 20 years, from places all over the United States. When my collection became too large, I decided to offer some of it for sale to those who appreciate the high quality detailed bronze hardware of the past.

Most of the hardware has been lightly cleaned, only enough to remove either paint, built up varnish or grime. A lot of time and effort has been spent to keep and retain all of the original patinas. So, if you buy it and shine it, it may look beautiful...but just please don't tell me about it!

A little history on antique hardware...

In the 1870's it was discovered that by using a new method in the construction of architectural hardware, called "compression",companies were able to produce extremely high quality items with incomparable detail. Combine this with outstanding designers of the times, and you'll find that this late Victorian - turn of the century period produced some of the finest doorknobs and door trimmings ever made.

It was common for a hardware company to design and make logos and symbols for an individual or place of business. The US government and individual state governments had many hardware items custom made for their major buildings. For example, the symbol for the "Scales of Justice" was incorporated into the doorknobs and plates that were designed for the Treasury Department.

Many Fraternal organizations had their own custom made designs. Much of the time, only the members of the organizations would know what these figural symbols meant, due to their well kept secrets. There was even competition between the different Fraternal organizations to have the better hardware.

Figural designs are highly sought after by collectors, historians, and those restoring buildings. Some are very rare. Prices reflect the rarity and condition of the item. A few examples include heads of soldiers, past Presidents, State and County seals, prominent men and women, schools, and a variety of animals, including some amazing mythological creatures.

Additional Antique Hardware

I have other bronze antique door hardware that is not listed on my site, including many figural knobs, hex & octagon knobs, complete sets, knobs in pairs, push plates, pocket pulls, sash locks, keyhole escutcheons, and some items from the R&E Japanese collection.

Please email me or call for more info!
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Sales & Shipping

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Shipping:  We use the U.S. Post Office for shipping. Our flat rate amount is $15- This covers all items purchased at checkout at this time, also includes $50- worth of insurance. Please call me if you would like additional insurance. (US Sales Only).

Returns & Refunds: Items are described honestly and as accurately as possible. If the item that you receive is not as described, a refund will be gladly provided.

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